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Community Guidelines & Resources

Where can I find the rules and regulations for my community?

The Resident Guide outlines the community guidelines for Soaring Heights Communities.

How do I contact Soaring Heights?

The Welcome Home Center can be reached at 520-745-5024. It is located at 8090 E. Ironwood Street, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ 85748.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, we gladly welcome four-legged family members at Soaring Heights Communities Please see the Pet Policy for more information about our pet policy and information about restricted breeds. 

What is the process to escalate a concern related to my home or community?

Soaring Heights Communities takes resident concerns very seriously and desires to address and resolve any issues in a timely manner to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Click here to view a copy of our dispute resolution process as well as key points to contact available to assist you with your concerns.

Are there any special safety features or tips about my home or community I should know about?

We have put together a short video highlighting fire, child, water and neighborhood safety.
Click Here to watch the video

Am I allowed to run a business from my home?

Information concerning running a business from your home can be found in the Resident Guide. For further information or to apply please contact the Welcome Home Center at 520-745-5024.

Are guests allowed to stay with me?

Guests are welcome to stay with a resident for less than 30-days without written notification. If a guest will be staying for longer than 30-days please contact the Welcome Home Center at 520-745-5024 to get the required approval.

Where can I get information on the Family Child Care (FCC) providers and deployment childcare?

Click here to learn more about the FCC program. Click here to access the most up-to-date FCC childcare list. Click here to learn more about Air Force sponsored childcare for families with a deployed service member.

Click here for the Kid's Fire Safety Activity Book


How do I report a maintenance issue?

If you’re experiencing a maintenance issue in your home, please call the maintenance line at 520-505-5012 as soon as possible. If you have a Permission to Enter form on file, you can enter an online maintenance request here.

Are any items available for pick-up by residents?

Items are not currently available for pick-up; however, we are pleased to offer residents a convenient Self-Help Delivery Service for replacement items for your home. Items available for delivery include: Air filters, blind slats, sink stopper, sink baskets, toilet flapper, and faucet aerator. Please contact the Welcome Home Center at (520) 745-5024 to schedule a delivery.

Home Alterations

How do I submit requests to alter my home?

Soaring Heights Communities does allow limited modifications within the homes.
For more information on the approved colors for paint modifications, review our paint request form. If you’re interested in installing a satellite dish, please review the satellite request and return the necessary paperwork.

Refuse, Recycle Landscaping

When can I expect the trash and recycling to be picked up?

Trash and Recycling Schedule

When are front yards landscaped?

Landscaping Schedule


Where can I learn more about the Air Force Mandated Utilities Allowance Program?

To reduce energy consumption nationwide, the DOD (Department of Defense) established a utility conservation policy (Public Law 104-106, 110 St, 186 Section 2801) that holds service members and their families responsible for their utilities usage. Privatized military communities across all branches of service are also required to follow the DOD policy.

After more than a decade of experience, the Air Force modified the Utility Allowance (UA) Program to more accurately capture utility costs and usage, while offering a financial incentive to Service Members and families who conserve electricity.

We appreciate that with any new initiative, there will be questions. To better understand the program, click here to review the Air Force Question and Answers for Residents Utility Allowance Policy Change. This document outlines the program, and the most frequently asked questions.

The intent of the UA Program is to heighten awareness and promote energy conservation. Through it Soaring Heights residents can become good stewards of our environment. If you have any questions, please call the Soaring Heights Welcome Home Center 520.745.5024.

The 2016 Davis-Monthan Water Quality Report?

2016 Davis Monthan Water Quality Report

Departing Residents

I'm moving. What now?

Our goal is to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Check out our Resources for Departing Residents page for important information and details on the move-out process.

Common Questions

Is renter's insurance mandatory?

Although it's not required, we highly encourage residents to have personal renter's insurance.  For a list of renter’s insurance providers, click here. 

Provide Feedback

Tell us how we're doing!

Our team is committed to providing you with great customer service and community programs.  Feedback you provide through Insite™ surveys help us make improvements that are important to you.  Please take a few moments to provide us with feedback about services received from our leasing, maintenance and community teams.  We also encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions to improve services and enhance community activities and programs.  
Please follow the appropriate links referencing the type of service you’ve most recently experienced.  
Leasing Experience
You’re looking for a home, we would love to hear how we can help.
Move-In Experience
Getting settled in after you've just moved can be stressful. Tell us about your experience.
Service Request Experience
Since everything will eventually need a little maintenance or a fix, we want to make sure that everything meets your satisfaction.
Resident Experience Survey
Hate to see you leave us, but would love to hear about your experience.
General Feedback
Our promise to you is that the service you receive each day is consistent and meets your expectations every time. Give us your Insite™ when one of our team members meets or exceeds your expectations and let us know when we don’t. Your Insite™ allows us to improve services and to recognize our staff for providing great service.

Click here for the Fire Safety Kid's Activity Book

Resident Bill of Rights

Resident Bill of Rights

Click here to view a copy of the Resident Bill of Rights.